Broody Chickens


Two of our hens have decided to try to hatch some eggs. They’re both Australorps, which is cool, but we don’t know why. We have 5 Australorps, and five other types of chickens so we’re not sure why they’re doing this. The one hen started sitting on one or two eggs, and the second hen joined her, IN THE SAME NEST BOX, a few days later. We think they’re sitting on about five eggs now, and we’ve decided to let them continue to try to hatch these eggs for a while. We’re hoping to get some more hens, and we’ll keep you appraised.

Two Broody Chickens These two broody chickens have been sitting on a single egg for about a week. One chicken started sitting there, then moved out for a few hours. The other chicken moved in and now they both are working a single egg.


Two broody hens, both Australorps, taking up a nest with about 5 eggs. They’re sharing the nestbox for the foreseeable future.

We’re a bit concerned for these hens because it’s hot, but we have a fan in the coop, and we give the hens water, watermelon, feed, and the occasional head-scratch while they sit on these eggs.

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