Dosage Calculator

Tool for converting your desired dosage in MILLIGRAMS into DROPS

If you have a dropper bottle of liquid and you know how many milligrams of product you want, this calculator will take your information (desired dosage, container size, and product strength) and calculate how many drops you need to get that desired dose. It will even calculate how many doses you have and the cost per dose.

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  1. Old farmer Jim

    I have used a variety of hemp products and cbd extracts over the last few years and have found these products to be helpful for a variety of conditions. I recently had the opportunity to try the green owl chronic hemp extract and was very impressed , I remain very impressed with this products performance. I have noticed it is quicker to take effect on my aches and pains than the products from other companies I have tried. It has a long duration of effectiveness and I sleep much better, it is great to wake well rested. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

    • Derek

      Thank you for the real “farmer feedback” Jim. We work hard to make sure our products are pure, potent, and effective so people can focus on the important things in life like family… and farming!


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