We are currently in the process of updating the calendar due to COVID-19 cancellations and rescheduling. All dates on the calendar for conferences, trade shows, expos, fairs and festivals are tentative. Please check the original sites’ website for more detail (included in the event links listed).

Latest Past Events

Quadrantids Meteor Shower

Period: Dec 28–Jan 12 See table of times Peak: Jan 3–4 Up to 110 meteors per hour Parent: 2003 EH Where: Northern Hemisphere (Best) In 2023, the Quadrantids will peak […]


Ursids Meteor Shower

Period: Dec 17–26 See table of times Peak: Dec 22–23 Up to 10 meteors per hour Parent: 8P/Tuttle Where: Northern Hemisphere In 2022, the Ursids will peak on the night […]


Geminids Meteor Shower

Period: Dec 4–20 See table of times Peak: Dec 13–14 Up to 150 meteors per hour Parent: 3200 Phaethon Where: Both Hemispheres In 2022, the Geminids will peak on the […]