New Security Fence for the Hemp Garden and Greenhouse


Fence and Posts

Yesterday, I marked the corners for the corners of the security fence that I’m putting up around the outdoor hemp “garden” and the greenhouse. Last fall, I went to the Tractor Supply Company in Maryville, TN and bought fence, fence posts, staples, a fence clip bender and some fence clips. I did run back to the TSC today for more posts and some high tensile smooth wire.  FEBRUARY 7, 2019 (THURSDAY)

Corner Post Assembly

Today I installed the pressure treated posts in each of the four corners… according to my “Very Detailed Fence Plan”. The auger on my tractor doesn’t quite go four feet deep so I’ll have some extra fence post on top once I get the fence installed. The dirt I put these posts in ranges from clay with some shale to almost four feet of nice topsoil. It’s been raining here a LOT this Fall and Winter so the ground is muddy and sticks to your feet. I think I was carrying 10 pounds of mud on each foot at one point. FEBRUARY 8, 2019 (FRIDAY)

Finish Installing the Posts, and Add Gates

I bought two CountyLine Wire Filled Gate, 12 foot long x 50 inch high for the grow area fence. These are made of 1 1/2″ tubular steel with heavy-duty wire mesh up to 40″ from the ground. They only weigh about 40 pounds each, maybe a little more, but they seem pretty solid. I got some more Zareba T-Post Wire Clips for the fencing and I got 15 more Franklin Industries Studded T-post, to finish up the perimeter of the fence.I only had to “install” ten of the T-posts, use six of the 8′ treated wooden posts, one gate, and add some thick wire to support the post supporting the gate.We’re making really good progress on the fence. The fence material is the last component of this project… I hope it goes well. FEBRUARY 9-12, 2019 (Saturday – Tuesday)

RaIN raIn RAin raIN RAIN rAiN …

It’s raining It’s coldIt’s muddyI’m not working on the fence 

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