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We are strong proponents of natural healing methods because they work well for many afflictions, and they are economical. The term “Alternative Medicine” is often used when comparing treatments like acupuncture, herbal supplements and therapies, meditation, yoga, and chiropractic to “Modern Western Medicine”. I like to use the term “traditional” instead of “alternative”.

Anyone who knows me, knows that during the course of my daily activities around the house and farm regularly cut, scrape, bruise, blister, or otherwise do something that requires some kind of medical intervention. I also have high blood pressure (getting easier to manage since my recent career change), and occasional but severe insomnia. All of my maladies have benefited greatly from my wife’s application of supplements, tinctures, salves, essential oils, and other natural remedies. I’ve tried the modern solutions too (prescription medications) and I can tell you that the natural methods are more effective and cost less (even with insurance support), and have virtually no side effects.

Our discovery of traditional healing techniques and our experience (as both patient and care giver) with herbal supplements, natural remedies, diet, exercise, and even with more esoteric methods is the motivation behind this website, and some rather dramatic changes in our lives. We continue to learn about natural healing methods, expanding our studies of traditional lifestyle choices that make up a more holistically healthy and enjoyable life.

Much of what we know, grew from our studies with the John R. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. John Christopher’s son David now runs the school and lectures around the country on his healing methods. We would like to encourage you to investigate natural healing methods in the hope that you might be encouraged to follow a path that is similar to ours.








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