Outdoor Life

Outdoor activities can be fun, rewarding, and healthy activities, and they can involve life around our little farm here in East Tennessee, or just about anywhere we spend time in nature. We have a lot of fun getting outdoors and having a good time with friends and family. Having lived in Hawaii for eight years, we enjoyed snorkeling, hiking, four-wheeling and even surfing. Now that we’re in Tennessee, we’ve taken some long driving trips, and we’ve done some camping and astronomy. We’ve done a lot of landscaping and yard work, but we’ve also played some golf in our (former) pasture, and we shoot the small-caliber guns out on our property too. We’re not as young as we used to be so we don’t do some of the crazy stuff we did in our youth. We do like to hear from friends and family who do some serious rock climbing, dirt-bike riding, hunting, and long-distance hiking. Boating is a big part of many people’s lives here in East TN, and we’ll talk about that too when we have something to share.

We’ll also talk about the bugs, birds, plants, and animals and whatever else that we encounter around our house and farm.

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