Barn Owls!!!

Green Owl Farmacy Barn Owls…

These barn owls are the inspiration for our name. They’ve been living in our barn since we bought it (and probably before) and we enjoy watching them live there and raise their young. This is the fourth “parliament” of owls in seven years. This year, there are three owlets. This is the loudest batch of baby owls, and they let us know the barn is theirs as soon as the sun sets every evening. We let ’em have the barn too.


Baby Owls!

About a week ago, we started putting our little game camera up in the rafters of the barn because we see the owlets hanging out there every evening. We’ve had to tweak the camera angle, and vary covering the infrared LEDs .with tape to get a decent shot. The pictures and videos are still pretty rough but they’re impressive, thanks to the owls. Over to the left is one of the videos. I can’t figure out it the owlet caught a rat, or one of the parents caught it and brought it to the owlet. Either way, have a look at the video. We’ll post more videos and pictures as we get them.

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