Yarn Spindles (yarn holders)

Green Owl Farmacy Yarn Holders…

We started making yarn spindles recently and will soon offer them for sale on our website. We have a big event coming up in May so we’re building our inventory of new designs using different construction methods and exotic hardwoods. We’ve had a lot of fun making these over the past couple of weeks and some of the professional knitters and weavers we know have given us some great feedback (and a lot of encouragement). Even though we’re relatively new at making yarn spindles, we’ve been turning quality products on the lathe for the past several years. Please let us know (comments section below) if there is anything in particular you like about our spindles, or if you have any ideas for different designs, hardwoods and other materials, sizes, or anything else you would like to see in a spindle. If you give us some ideas, we’ll try them out and post the results!

Making Our Yarn Spindles…

I’ll post a set of pictures showing how we build our yarn spindles. We are still perfecting our design for these yarn spindles, and when we do, we’ll post a start-to-finish set of pictures that show in detail how we construct them. In the mean-time, here is a picture of some of our “nearly finished” devices…

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  1. Nancy Norris

    Just finished plying MORE THAN 5,000 yards of handspun Rambioullet wool using two of these beauties. WOW!! It was the easiest, most enjoyable tool I’ve found in over 30 years of spinning! Enjoyed the lovely woods, great workmanship.


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